A retreat was held on March 10 to support the building of our Radnor Meeting community. It included time for discussing and sharing our thoughts with other Radnor people in small groups as well as some historical perspective presented by PYM’s George Schaeffer.

Some of the afterthoughts from people that attended include:

I really appreciated the retreat and feel like it was perfect timing for me in deepening my understanding of Quakerism and some next steps for me in the practice of Quakerism.

For me the retreat clarified what a gathered meeting is and how to discern when you should speak in meeting. The retreat also brought a fuller understanding to the term “Quaker Truth” on an individual level and corporate level. I found this retreat filled in a great deal in my understanding of Quakerism as we practice it today.

One of the impacts on me was a further appreciation for why it is difficult for Quakers to describe our beliefs to others. That our understanding of our faith through the ‘Truths’ of others leaves it ever changing as new Truths are revealed to us.

I appreciated hearing about the backgrounds of other Friends, and their moral outlook and religious background. I appreciated the opportunity to learn that about my friends understanding and for them to know mine. It was a way of growing closer.