Update from Radnor Meeting ‘Carbon Busters’

The work of the Carbon Busters—as Keith Fox has dubbed us—is about continuous learning. We share writings on climate science, then meet by Zoom to discuss them. With a growing sense of urgency, we’re developing emission-reduction proposals to present to our community.

We have been looking at groundskeeping, insulation, electricity and heating, travel, and food, following a greenhouse gas emissions questionnaire developed by Cool Congregations. We have recently been focused on our travel to Meeting and food. As for travel, our striving for “carbon-neutrality” is much advanced by Friends’ adoption of Zoom for Meeting for Worship plus committee and social gatherings. Also, Zoom includes Friends from across the planet! A hybrid future, combining physical presence and Zoom, offers both climate and inclusivity advantages.

As for food, we’re examining how shifting from animal-based to plant-based protein supports the climate, rainforests and other habitat, human health…and food sovereignty in areas of the world where farmers face the impacts of big, international grain and soymeal companies. On the level of personal impact, divestment from animal products has more climate-preserving power than divestment from fossil fuels. Planning a plant-based fellowship hour is as vital as reducing our annual mileage or easing our heating requirements.

Unlike the other pieces of the emissions pie, diet encompasses our relationship with other feeling beings. Notably, the lives of John Woolman and Benjamin Lay stood for dismantling both human slavery and the exploitation of animals. Fast-forward to today, when social justice, climate, and extinction pose simultaneous challenges. We needn’t rank them by priority to spot a deep ethical question underlying them. Can human beings interrogate our habit of seizing the upper hand in our relationship with other people, other beings, and our Earth? In April—Earth Month—we’ve been examining these intersections and we will be bringing these queries to our May 23rd forum.

Conscientious Objection Training

In support of our Peace Testimony, Radnor Meeting regularly conducts training for Conscientious Objection.  There is a plan to hold the next training session sometime in the spring of 2021. This will be conducted by Zoom session, allowing those at a distance to participate. For more information send an email to [email protected]

Important update due to Corona Virus Restrictions:

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, Radnor Meeting will not be holding on-site worship services or group meetings until further notice.  We are holding virtual meetings for worship via Zoom starting at 9:45 AM (to give people time to join by 10AM). If you want to join us,  please use the Contact tab and complete the “Get in Touch” box to get information.

Forum on Spiritual Messages – Sunday Jan 31, 2021

Join us for a thought-provoking forum intended to deepen our worshipful sharing during Meeting for
Worship. This forum will focus on this query: “How do I discern if a rising message is of a personal or
spiritual nature?” Individuals will share the criteria that they use when deciding to speak in Meeting. We
hope that everyone actively shares his/her experiences.
This forum is sponsored by the Worship and Ministry Committee which is tasked with supporting the
depth of worshipful messages during Meeting for Worship.

Sunday, January 31, 2021 at 11:15 AM

Use the Zoom link for Sunday worship or send an email to [email protected] for more information.

The Growth Dilemma – Economics, Population & Climate Change – Feb 7, 2021 Webinar

This forum will talk about the systematic origins of the Climate Crisis including our current economic system and growth of the world population. We all agree that climate change is a problem and that humans are causing it. What is it that is driving the human behavior causing the climate crisis?  Steve Olshevski will take us through an interactive exercise and presentation to uncover myths in our civilization that are driving climate change.  We will discuss good growth vs bad growth, and limits to growth.  We will explore how Friends may be called to action as a result. Open to all.

Location: Via Zoom call (use same link for Sunday Worship Service or request link by sending email to [email protected])

Date/Time: 2/7/21 at 11:15 AM

March 1 – Forum on Mass Incarceration

March 1 – Forum on Mass Incarceration

Radnor Meeting will hold a Forum on Sunday, March 1 at 11:30 AM on the topic of Mass Incarceration, presented by Jondhi Harrell. All are welcome to join in us in the Meetinghouse for this important discussion.

To learn more here are some of presentations and radio appearances with Jondhii Harrell:

Topics Jondhii Harrell presents on include:
• Mass Incarceration Causes  History & Solutions
• Dissecting the Black Lives Matter Movement
• Black on Black Crime/Economics & Mass Incarceration
• The New Underground Railroad/ is your congregation ready to be Conductors?
• The Politics of Murder/Community & State Sanctioned
• Grooming Black Children for Prison/At-risk Youth & Children Of Incarcerated Parents
• Why Criminal Justice is a joke in America
• Can Collaborating Communities be built across Religious Boundaries?
• If Restorative Justice works/ Why don’t we use it in America?

Jondhi Harrell is the Executive Director at TCRC | The Center for Returning Citizens

Jondhi Harrell