Tree Planting on May 5

Between the rise of worship and our business meeting (approximately 11:15 AM) on Sunday, May 5th, we will plant a tree on Radnor Meeting’s beautiful property, beginning a new tradition of adding a young tree to our already beautiful, but aging, tree population.

Membership in the Post Pandemic Era” At the Rise of Meeting for Worship on Sunday, April 7, 2024

Care and Council Committee invites you to a forum about membership at Radnor Meeting. Please consider the following queries prior to the forum.

1. Why were you initially attracted to Radnor Friends meeting and which experiences most influenced your desire to become a member?

2.What is most important when thinking about your previous experience of becoming a member in the Radnor community?

3. How does a meeting community expand traditional membership to include those persons who can attend only remotely (via Zoom) for the most part? What factors might explain your continuing interest and involvement in the Radnor community?

Any questions call Margy at [email protected]