Worship and Ministry invited us for Radnor’s spring retreat on Saturday, March 26 to examine our need for deepened worship to open our hearts to the Spirit and to one another in love. We reflected together on what hinders or sustains our connection with the Spirit, and how we can best prepare to enter into the worship experience and open to the Spirit as we worship. Nancy Bieber led the session.  Nancy is a member of Lancaster MM, is a spiritual director, psychologist and retreat leader with a particular interest in Quaker unprogrammed worship. Nancy is the author of Decision Making & Spiritual Discernment (2010) and Fianna’s Story: a True Story of Love, Grief, and Faith (2020). She publishes a monthly spiritual reflection Garden of the Spirit on her website (nancybieber.com) She has also taught and led retreats widely among Quakers and other groups, focusing on spiritual discernment, prayer and worship. All enjoyed a very spiritually fulfilling experience.