The group to help Radnor Meeting be carbon net neutral has been meeting since the beginning of the year to develop strategies and plans to eliminate
or offset the greenhouse gases our meeting adds to the atmosphere.  We are currently talking about the depth and
breadth of the problem and why we are led by the necessity to work together to find solutions at our
personal, community, and national levels.
We are assessing our carbon impact by evaluating not just the fossil fuels we use to maintain our
buildings and grounds, but also the fuel we use to drive to and from our Meeting House and the food we
eat while there. We are exploring ways to reduce waste and efficiently reduce consumption where
possible. To this end, the property committee has had a specialist seal cracks and gaps in the
meetinghouse walls, windows and doors to reduce the electricity and natural gas we consume to heat and
cool our building.
On March 21, we presented a forum as an opportunity to learn more about climate change and what we
are doing at Radnor. More important, we wanted to provide an opportunity for all of us to discuss how
we are led by our Quaker values, as embodied by the SPICES testimonies, to take personal and
community action to stop climate change. We will next focus on the actions we are
taking and what else we could be doing to find solutions at our personal, community, and
national levels.