Normally Radnor Friends provides a very sizable donation to the Ardmore Food Pantry around the
holidays from our annual cookie walk. However, without our regular charity functions, we can no longer
make a generous gift to our food-deprived neighbors. It is important to note that due to the pandemic plus
a much increased unemployment rate in our area, the need for food is even greater! Therefore, please
consider sending a monthly check or grocery gift card to “The Ardmore Food Pantry” c/o St. Mary’s
Episcopal Church in Ardmore, 36 Ardmore Avenue, Ardmore PA 19003. You can also send money via
the Paypal option on the “Ardmore Food Pantry listing” which is located on the St. Mary’s Episcopal
Church, Ardmore website. It’s very easy! Note: that as the days grow colder, the need for nutritious food
becomes even more acute, for children, unemployed adults as well as elders in our area.